About us

“Diamonds SuperMarket” , founded by ASI ABIR offers loose Diamonds, since 1975 specializing in Natural Fancy Color Diamonds. Our passion for Natural Fancy Color Diamonds, expertise and highest quality workmanship has made us the industry leader.

We are the First Hand for Rough Natural Fancy Color Diamonds; all diamonds are purchased by us in rough state from the rich South African mines. The diamonds are polished by us, made ready to be set.

Our collection showcases some of the finest examples of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds, ranging across all hues of pink, yellow, blue, orange, green, champagne, grey and black. Fancy2Buy gemologists meticulously examine each diamond and select only the best quality gems, greatly emphasizing uniqueness of color and quality of the stone.

About Asi Abir
The company was founded by Asi Abir, a graduate of the European Gemological College, a long time superior gemologist and a full-hearted admirer of Natural Fancy Color Diamonds. Asi Abir serves on the board of directors of the Israeli Precious Stones & Diamonds Exchange LTD.

Each diamond offered by “Diamonds SuperMarket” is accompanied by certification of origin, proving the diamond is purchased according to international law as well as an in-house gemological certificate of quality and specific details. As 100% natural diamonds are created in the depths of the earth and not in sterile laboratories, they have tiny droplets, an unmistakable sign of their natural origin making each diamond unique, one of a kind miraculous creation of nature.

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